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A valid driver's license is critical for residents in Los Angeles. It is important to consider the "big picture" when addressing Driver's License suspension issues in Los Angeles County.

You cannot rely on the DMV and the court to coordinate your Driver’s License solution for you. A bad outcome at the DMV can negatively impact your case in court; likewise, a bad outcome in court will limit your ability to obtain a valid Driver’s License. Thus, you need a Driver’s License Attorney to develop a proper global resolution which takes both DMV and the court solutions into account.

Your driver's license is especially important in Los Angeles County; if you drive for a living or drive to work, losing your privilege to drive can mean losing your job, as well as your ability to carry out your day to day life.

Suspended Driver’s License case results always depend on specific facts and circumstances, so it is important to have an attorney carefully evaluate your situation, and advise you of your options. You should never represent yourself in a Suspended License case.

Every person’s driver’s license case is unique- outcomes always depend on the specific details of each situation.

Attorney George Kita focuses on the big picture, working towards resolving license issues once and for all. Contact him, now, at 213-400-5355, to find out what strategies may be effective for you.

*Attorney Gregory Caplan is no longer taking on new criminal defense clients.

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