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Drug Crime Attorney

If you are arrested for a drug crime in Los Angeles County, you need prompt legal representation from an experienced drug defense attorney who has a substantial familiarity with the local system. That Attorney is George Kita.

San Fernando Valley Drug Defense Attorney

Mr. Kita has been a prosecutor and defense attorney in his 20+ year career in criminal justice. His background provides insight to local prosecution procedures, & suitable defenses.

You can learn about his background at:

George Kita’s Experience and Training

Importantly, new laws change the ways drug possession cases will be handled, providing opportunity for less serious solutions. You can read more at: Los Angeles Drug Crimes Updates.

His comprehensive strategies are designed to effectively resolve many drug cases. He also helps develop strategies with treatment options for clients seeking sobriety.

Mr. Kita’s understanding of the system, gives him insight into what factors come into play when drug crimes are evaluated, and he makes significant efforts contacting prosecution agencies to consider alternatives to criminal charges.

If you have been arrested for a drug charge, call today, at 213-400-5355 or 818-775-9000, and find out what options may be available!

LA County Drug Cases- Proposition 47

Recent legislation extensively changed the sentencing process in most LA County drug cases. New law now steers drug possession cases away from felonies and jail, emphasizing treatment, & allowing many opportunities for effective solutions.

Current options for drug cases may include, Drug Diversion, DEJ (Penal Code 1000), Informal Drug Diversion, Salvation Army Live-In Rehabilitation Programs, and Proposition 36. Completion of these programs may also allow for a dismissal of the charges at a future court proceeding. Thus, it is extremely important to understand the options which may effectively resolve your case.

Los Angeles Drug Crimes Attorney

George Kita provides extensive representation for clients charged with drug crimes in Los Angeles County. He has more than 20 years working on drug cases in court, and can help you, too.

If you have been charged with a drug violation, call now, at 213-400-5355 or 818-775-9000.

*Outcomes will depend on individual circumstances of each case.