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San Fernando & Van Nuys Bench Warrant Attorney

So you have a warrant in San Fernando or Van Nuys Court. You realize you should have taken care of it sooner. Maybe you were concerned you would end up in jail, or were unsure about options. Now, you have decided to resolve it, once and for all!

You need representation from an experienced bench warrant attorney who can review your situation, determine your best options, & resolve the case. So, who do you call? George Kita.

San Fernando & Van Nuys Bench Warrant Attorney

Mr. Kita has worked on numerous Van Nuys and San Fernando bench warrants in his criminal law career, and uses his systematic approach in each case. He thoroughly prepares each client for court, determines the best strategies, and works tirelessly on their behalf.

Don’t worry about your warrant another day. Find out your options, and see how you can move forward in your life, today!

Call now, & see how Bench Warrant Lawyer George Kita can get you back on track, at 818-775-9000!

San Fernando and Van Nuys Bench Warrants

When you fail to appear in court after being required to do so, a judge will typically issue a bench warrant. A bench warrant is an order by the court which authorizes police to arrest you. Depending on the type of warrant, you may be subject to arrest anywhere in the country.

San Fernando and Van Nuys Bench Warrants are generally issued because of:

  • failure to appear in court
  • failure to comply with court orders
  • failure to comply with probation officer

San Fernando and Van Nuys Arrest Warrants

Arrest warrants, while similar to bench warrants, are initiated differently. Arrest warrants are issued when a judge has "probable cause" to believe that a person has committed a crime, and that the accused person poses a risk of evading arrest, presents a safety threat, or has been unavailable during an investigation.

An arrest warrant authorizes immediate arrest of that person. When an arrest warrant is issued, police agencies will generally attempt to make an arrest as soon as possible. Once the arrest is made, the person will remain in jail until bail is posted, or a judge orders a release.

In some cases, when a person with an arrest warrant voluntary walks into court, depending on the circumstances, the judge may order O.R. (own recognizance) Release. Thus, it is important to take proactive steps to resolve a warrant.

If you believe that you have a warrant in San Fernando or Van Nuys Courts, learn your options. Call now, at 818-775-9000, and find out your best solutions!

*Warrant outcomes depend on unique facts and circumstances of each case.