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Former Juvenile Prosecutor can help your child today!

George Kita is a former Juvenile Deputy District Attorney and is a renowned authority of Los Angeles juvenile defense.

Mr. Kita has handled more than 1000 juvenile cases during his 27 year career in criminal law, and is co-author of Protecting the Future of Juvenile Clients. His juvenile criminal defense experience includes 1st-Time Offenders, as well as serious felony and misdemeanor representation. The stakes are extremely high in this area of law, and you deserve the most effective representation for your child. As a former Juvenile Prosecutor, Mr. Kita can help you successfully navigate the often complex juvenile court system.

My child just got arrested and is in custody at Juvenile Hall. What should I do?

Call our office immediately at (213) 400-5355. This is one of the most critical stages of the case. At this stage of the case, the police agency is investigating a case and will be submiting a police report on the type of criminal charges it is recommending that the Juvenile Deputy District Attorney file against your child. In addition, the Probation Department will be contacting you to prepare a report for the judge on whether they recommend continued detention or not.

The prosecutor has 48 hours not including holidays or weekends to file the petition against your child. Your child's first court is considered a detention hearing and this is hearing you can't blow off and assume its not a big deal. Come to court prepared. Have Mr. Kita accompany your child at his court hearing. We can often visit your child in juvenile hall to get the necessary information to present to the DA and court to try to secure his or her release from custody.

What is a pretrial court hearing?

At the pretrial date, the defense juvenile attorney and the juvenile prosecutor discuss settlement. In Los Angeles County, the probation department will prepare a report that gives background information to the court and to the prosecutor and defense counsel.

What is an adjudication?

The adjudication is the trial of the case. Most cases resolve without a trial. However, should your case go to trial, you want to make sure you have the best legal defense representing your child. Our office has the experience to provide effective legal representation. Our winning track record shows we provide the best legal defense in juvenile court.

Does Juvenile Court Experience matter?

Yes. Some criminal defense lawyers have never stepped in the court room of a juvenile court. Other adult criminal defense lawyers have no clue what to do or say when they are in juvenile court and as a result they sometimes make critical mistakes that have a permanent poor result that the client has to live with the rest of his or her life. The difference between juvenile court practice and adult court is to great. There is no right to a jury trial in juvenile court. The time lines for speedy trial and discovery obligations are very different as well. Don't let these second string lawyers use your child to gain experience.

The District Attorney's Office knows which lawyers know their craft.

The DA's office generally knows which defense lawyers have the competence and skill to win cases. As a former Juvenile Deputy District Attorney, and current juvenile defense lawyer, Mr. Kita has successfully handled more than 1000 juvenile cases.

Mr. Kita's youth experience has motivated him to champion the rights of adolescent youth.

As a former youth in foster care, Mr. Kita understands the importance of having the best legal defense for youth.

Mr. Kita's law firm is the number #1 Juvenile Defense Firm representing youth.

Mr. Kita is the only juvenile defense lawyer to get a child facing a fitness hearing for a home invasion robbery & facing a transfer hearing to adult court, factually innocent under welfare and institutitions code seciton 781.5 (Pomona Juveniile Court.) He also has one of the best winning records in Southern California Juvenile Courts with aquitals (the equivalent of a "Not Guilty" verdict in adult court) at Los Padrinos Juvenile Court, Sylmar Juvenile Court, Eastlake Juvenile Court and Orange County Juvenile Courts. He is also the only Juvenile Defense Attorney to get a case that was transferred to adult court from juvenile court, reversed and sent back to Compton Juvenile Court where the minor was eventually sentenced to home on probation.

Let Mr. Kita's knowledge and skill be your secret weapon to defend your child in juvenile court.

Mr. Kita has served as a speaker at more LA County probation camps than any juvenile defense lawyer and has helped deliver motivating speeches to youth facing delinquency cases.

Mr. Kita's office is the only private law firm to receive an award from the LA County Probation Department Juvenile Division. If your child is facing juvenile court, get the best legal defense today. Hire Mr. Kita to represent your child. The stakes are to high when it comes to your child's future.

Significant Juvenile Court wins in Southern California Juvenile Courts (partial list)

Alleged Juvenile Gang Homicide - Juvenile Fitness Hearing (Transfer Hearing to Adult Court) - Case Dismissed - Client Immediately Released from custody

Juvenile Prosecutors filed a petition to have the minor tried as an adult for allegedly shooting the alleged victim in the head in Santa Fe Springs. The Defense positiion was that it was self defense even thouh no gun was found on the dead victim. Minor was looking at life in prison in adult court if the Juvenile Court transferred the case to adult court. Mr.Kita was able to get the homicide case dismissed after 6 months of juvenile court proceedings and was able to secure his release at that time.

Assault with a firearm

Minor was accused of pointing a gun at two individuals in a apartment complex in Huntington Park. The client faced up to 4 years in custody on the case. Mr. Kita took the case to trial destroyed the credibility of each and every prosecution witness. After the DA rested its case, Mr. Kita made a motion to dismiss under WIC 701.1. After the court requested a briefing on the 701.1 motion, the court granted Mr. Kita's motion to dismiss.

Kidnapping, Gun shots fired, Gang Allegaton, Robbery, Adult Transfer Hearing

If sent to adult court, minor could have faced life in prison. The alleged victim was reportedly kidnapped at gun point and in the commission of the kidnapping, gun shots were fied. The witness was also alleged robbed. After many months of court hearings, Mr. Kita was able to work out a home on probation dispositiion. This is a very rare successful resolution of the case.

Call today! Find out how Mr. Kita can help your child, at 213-400-5355!

So, what do you do when your child has been arrested? Your first objective is to avoid potential future missteps and protect your child’s rights at the earliest possible stage of the process. You need immediate representation.

Call Mr. Kita about your child's case, at 213-400-5355!

Learn more about the process of your child’s case, and speak to Attorney George Kita, at 213-400-5355!

*Results will depend on facts and law of the specific juvenile case.