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Failure to Appear in Court (Los Angeles County)

If you have failed to appear (FTA) in court for your criminal case, you need to obtain immediate legal assistance, to determine your best strategies.

Los Angeles Failure to Appear Defense Attorney

We encourage you to visit our bench warrant and failure to appear website, and to learn about strategies and potential solutions for these cases, at: Law Offices of George Kita!

To find out how you can quickly resolve your failure to appear, call 213-400-5355!

Resources on Failure to Appear in Court

"Failure to Appear" describes a circumstance when miss a court appearance at a set date and time, without a legal excuse. If you do not show up for an arraignment, pretrial setting, or other required court hearing, there will likely be a bench warrant issued.

This can lead to your immediate arrest, as well as negatively impact your standing with the court, probation department, DMV, and other government agencies. There are many reasons why you may have failed to appear in court. Regardless of the explanation, your liberty is jeopardized once you fail to appear. For this reason, you need the prompt legal expertise of an effective attorney.

Failure to Appear

A bench warrant based on failure to appear is a judge’s order to arrest. A bench warrant may be issued by judges of the state of California or the federal government. Once the warrant is issued for a person, law enforcement officers are authorized to make an immediate arrest.

If you have failed to appear in court, call Law Offices of George Kita to discuss your legal options today at 213-400-5355.

*Disclaimer - Outcomes in FTA cases always hinge on specific details of each case.