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San Fernando Valley Criminal Defense Attorney

When a loved one has been accused of a crime, there are immediate steps you can take towards productive solutions.

George Kita begins representation with early intervention, where he takes immediate action on behalf of clients.

San Fernando Valley Criminal Defense Attorney George Kita is highly trusted in the legal community, as you can read, below:

Client Reviews

He emphasizes strategies which may provide solutions for his clients, such as City Attorney Diversion, which is considered on a case-by-case basis for dismissal of local criminal cases.

Mr. Kita developed a thorough understanding of these alternatives to the local justice system during his 20+ year tenure in criminal law, as both a prosecutor and defense attorney. He has helped 100s of clients during his career.

He understands the nuances of local courts, and provides effective representation throughout the process. Most importantly, he provides personal guidance, counsel, and extensive insight to help clients every step of the way.

You can read more about how he helps clients at:

San Fernando Valley Theft Defense Attorney
San Fernando Valley Hit and Run Attorney
San Fernando Valley Probation Violation Attorney
San Fernando Valley Expungement Attorney

See what San Fernando Valley Criminal Defense Attorney George Kita can do to help you, now, at 818-775-9000!

Mr. Kita takes a hands-on approach in solving cases, including drug possession, weapon, theft, hit and run, suspended/revoked license, warrants, failures to appear, as well as probation violations.

While many attorneys may spend no time on a client’s cases prior to court, Mr.Kita takes an aggressive proactive approach. He typically contacts the prosecutor before a case is filed, to request an “office hearing,” or other “criminal filing reject,” whenever possible.

Mr. Kita’s clients have received dismissals in many cases, including, shoplifting, weapon, vandalism, domestic violence, and battery charges.

Call now to learn alternatives which may be available to you, at 818-775-9000!

*Case results are based on specific facts and details.