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Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney
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Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney

Has a loved one been accused of a crime? You recognize the need for professional services, the significance of exploring relevant resources, & the importance of evaluating your options. So, who do you contact for help?

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney George Kita examines strategies and solutions uniquely designed for each client's circumstances. He selectively tailors his practice to specific clients who would most benefit from his representation.

Mr. Kita understands concerns clients' families face when a loved one is accused of a crime. He carefully listens & provides immediate resources about solutions.

He is highly trusted by those he dilligently serves and personally represents. You can read more than 35 of his client reviews at: Client Testimonials

Don’t take a chance on your future. Learn your options, call George Kita, & see how he can help, at 213-400-5355 or 818-775-9000!

Personalized Criminal Defense Services

Mr. Kita's unique approaches are based on his extensive experience in criminal law, in both prosecution and defense. He develops strategies & alternatives for serious felonies and misdemeanors, as well as 1st-time and youthful offenders in Los Angeles County Court cases, including, shoplifting, weapon, drug, probation violations, and warrants.

How he serves clients - George Kita determines critical steps which need to be taken quickly. This early intervention includes providing immediate legal protections, investigating case details, as well as communicating with police and prosecutors. Throughout the process, Mr. Kita provides clients advice about their rights, as well as possible options.

Some alternatives, such as “Diversion” programs, quietly exist in the justice system, & may provide opportunities for dismissals upon successful completion.

For example, the Los Angeles City Attorney initiated The Neighborhood Justice Program, designed to steer cases away from criminal court, & into a community-based alternative court, designed for offenders accused of low-level crimes.

A new law recently established a Pilot Program, which allows for Judicial Diversion in Los Angeles County. First-time misdemeanor cases are eligible for consideration, on a case-by-case basis. Successful completion allows for eventual dismissal of charges if certain terms and conditions are completed.

Depending on specific case details you may be eligible for the above programs; early intervention can be critical for appropriate consideration.

Call 213-400-5355 or 818-775-9000 to learn if you may qualify!

Los Angeles Criminal Attorney Resources

Mr. Kita's strategies can be reviewed throughout this site, as well as at these specific resources, below:

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Contact George Kita, Today!

Mr. Kita works tirelessly providing effective representation, and has convenient locations to serve clients in Los Angeles County.

Call for a case review, at 213-400-5355 or 818-775-9000!

If you need help with a juvenile court criminal case, learn more about the process at: Los Angeles Juvenile Attorney.

*Criminal defense results always depend on unique circumstances of each case.

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