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Internet Crime Attorney | Computer Crime Defense

Internet and computer crimes are a complex area of law. Conduct which may be lawful in one jurisdiction may still be prosecuted in another. These cases are also unique since an accused person does not ever have to have been present in the jurisdiction where the violation is may have occurred. This is often the case for allegations of harassing or threatening phone calls, as well as online theft or fraud.

Internet and computer cases can also be challenging because investigations are often limited by time constraints and inadequate resources of local police agencies, causing many investigations to be prosecuted without a thorough understanding of the underlying circumstances. The outcome of a specific internet or computer crime will depend on its facts and applicable laws.

If you have valid defenses to online or computer allegations, the police may not expend appropriate resources to verify or evaluate them. In many cases, a vigorous defense on your behalf will necessitate production of specific documentation, such as computer records, online records, or records in possession of a 3rd Party (Bank, Phone Company, etc.) which are not readily available. Thus, an effective defense requires attorney representation.

George Kita has handled numerous state and local computer and internet crimes cases. He understands the technical process of these types of investigations, as well as effective methods of proper representation of clients accused of these crimes. He can provide you with a detailed understanding of your options.

Don’t take a chance on your future if you are accused of a California violation of online or computer law. Call George Kita and find out what you can do to protect your legal rights, at 213-400-5355!

Online & Computer Crime Defense in Los Angeles County

If you are contacted by any law enforcement investigator about possible violations of law, your primary consideration is to immediately obtain legal representation.

Self-representation in an investigation where you are accused of criminal conduct is challenging, at best, and will likely lead to serious mistakes which can be extremely problematic at court. Attempting to handle your own investigation is also difficult if you are not residing in the jurisdiction where the investigation is taking place.

Even if you have not committed any violation of law, any statement you make to police, however limited, may still be noted in their investigation as an admission or acknowledgment of unlawful conduct, creating a more difficult process to resolve the case.

How can you effectively defend your rights? Call and see what George Kita can do to help you at 213-400-5355!