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LA County and San Fernando Valley DUI Attorney

If you have been arrested for DUI (Driving Under the Influence) in Los Angeles or the San Fernando Valley, it is important to quickly obtain legal representation. The complexities of your DUI case are substantial.

Not only will there be a case in court, but the Department of Motor Vehicles will also conduct an independent administrative hearing, which will further impact your privilege to drive in the future.

George Kita has worked on 100s of DUI cases during his 20+ year career in criminal law. This extensive background provides him an understanding of the important details which can affect DUI cases.

He promptly makes DMV hearing request for clients, and quickly develops strategies to handle the case in court. His experience provides insight as to strengths and weaknesses of the prosecutor’s case, and he can evaluate your best strategies.

Call to learn your options, at 213-400-5355 or 818-775-9000!

Los Angeles & San Fernando Valley DUI Attorney

As you might expect, what happens in court can substantially impact your DMV hearing, and vice versa. Even if you effectively resolve your case in court, your license can still be suspended or revoked by DMV. Because of this, your court and DMV cases need to be properly coordinated by a DUI Attorney.

DUI cases have unforgiving time deadlines enforced by DMV. If your driver’s license was taken by police when you were arrested, and you were provided a temporary license, a DMV Hearing request must be made quickly and properly. If your request does not comply with DMV requirements, you can lose your right to drive for a substantial period of time.

Evidence requests should also be made quickly on your behalf, to assure preservation of evidence related to your case. A delay may cause evidence favorable to your case to be unavailable in the future, and hamper your defense.

Even if you think you are guilty of DUI, there may still be effective strategies which may be appropriate for your case, and may improve your court and DMV outcomes. If you plead guilty without exploring these possibilities, the system will move forward against you, even if it otherwise would not have done so.

DUI cases are significant. They are considered criminal violations, which may carry jail time, large fines, DUI Programs, requirement of a Breath Testing Machine (IID) in your car, driver’s license suspensions, as well as potentially negative employment or immigration consequences.

You may be feeling overwhelmed and confused. George Kita can determine your best options with court and DMV, & help put your mind at ease.

If you have been charged with DUI in LA or the San Fernando Valley, call to discuss your options, today, at 213-400-5355 or 818-775-9000.

*Case results depend on specific details of each DUI investigation.