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Suspended License Attorney in Los Angeles County

Losing your privilege to drive can place you in a difficult situation. However, there are strategies in Los Angeles County Courts which may allow you to avoid the endless revolving doors, and resolve the situation once and for all.

If you are charged with Driving on a Suspended or Revoked License, or Driving without a Valid License, you need an effective attorney to guide you through complexities of the system, & find a solution. That attorney is George Kita.

Los Angeles & San Fernando Valley Suspended License Attorney

Mr. Kita has handled numerous cases involving Driving with a Suspended or Revoked Driver’s License & Driving Without A Valid License.

He emphasizes productive solutions for judges and prosecutors to consider, focusing on his clients' best interests. You can read about his strategies at: resolving a suspended license case. Mr. Kita focuses on “Globally Resolving” cases, to stop the endless revolving doors at DMV & Court.

Find out what Suspended License Defense Attorney George Kita can do for you, today, at 213-400-5355 or 818-775-9000!

Why it is Important to Have an Attorney

It does little good to walk into court, represent yourself, plead guilty to a charge of Driving with a Suspended or Revoked License, and ignore the underlying causes which placed you in the situation in the first place.

Mr. Kita works on clearing up the causes of the suspensions, requests court clearances of DMV holds, and makes substantial efforts to bring clients to court with valid licenses.

There are alternatives which may dramatically improve the outcome in court. Thus, it is important to have an attorney thoroughly familiar with the process, as you can read in this Q & A at: How to Clear a Suspended License.

There are many suspended license cases in Los Angeles where the charges are incorrectly filed, or overfilled. Because of technical nuances in the law, police officers, as well as prosecutors, oftentimes make mistakes when filing charges.

An effective Suspended License Lawyer will quickly know if a mistake has been made in your case, and how best to address it.

Suspended License and Related Charges and Punishments include:

Vehicle Code section 12500(a) – Driving without a Valid California Driver License. Maximum penalty is up to six months in jail & $1000+ assessments (about $4000).

Vehicle Code section 14601(a) - Negligent Operator. Minimum of 5 days jail and ~ $1500 fine. Maximum fine of $1000+ assessments (about $4000) and 6 months jail.

Vehicle Code section 14601.1(a) - Failure to Appear/Return to Court/Pay Fine, Failure to Pay Child Support, Unsatisfied Judgment. Minimum penalty is a fine of $300+ penalty assessments (about $1500). Maximum penalty is a fine of $1000+ penalty assessments (about $4000) and six months in jail.

Vehicle Code section 14601.2(a) - Drunk Driving or Drugs. Minimum penalty is 10 days jail and a fine of $300+ penalty assessments. Maximum penalty is a fine of $1000+ penalty assessments (about $4000) and six months in jail.

Vehicle Code section 14601.5(a) - Excessive Blood Alcohol Level or Refusal of a Chemical Test. Minimum penalty is 5 days jail and ~ $1500 fine. Maximum penalty is a fine of $1000+ penalty assessments (about $4000) and six months in jail.

If a prior conviction of Vehicle Code section 14601 is proven, a person can be sentenced to one year in jail and $1000+ penalty assessments (about $4000).

Suspended license convictions are two-point DMV violations, similar to DUI or Reckless Driving.

If you have been charged with a suspended license or similar violation in LA or the San Fernando Valley, call to discuss your options today, at 213-400-5355.