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Los Angeles Weapon Attorney

If someone you know has been arrested for any weapon-related crime, it is important to quickly obtain legal representation.

There are certain cases where prompt contact from a defense attorney to the arresting agency or local prosecutor’s office, may steer a case away from criminal court, such as possession of weapons at the airport.

Los Angeles Weapon Defense Attorney

Mr. Kita focuses substantial efforts on weapon and firearm cases. His background working for law enforcement and prosecution agencies, as well as his training, provides his clients a unique opportunity to understand possible alternatives in weapon cases.

The justice system moves swiftly. The District Attorney and City Attorney quickly review weapon cases for criminal charges.

If you wait until your first court appearance to retain an attorney, you may miss an opportunity for a “Criminal Filing Reject,” a City Attorney Referral, Office Hearing, or other alternative.

Mr. Kita’s typical strategy is to promptly intervene on behalf of clients, prior to charges being filed, to effectively protect their rights.

You may qualify for an alternative. Call now, and find out what options may be available, at 213-400-5355!

Strict Law Enforcement of Weapon Cases

Weapon and firearm cases are aggressively prosecuted in Los Angeles County. Unfortunately, negative public perception increases pressure on law enforcement to focus on even relatively minor or technical weapon violations, especially in light of recent highly-charged and media-publicized weapon and gun incidents in the US.

In fact, weapon cases have a tendency to garner broad attention, in what would otherwise be considered a low-level case. Thus, early intervention by your attorney may be more important now, than ever.

Los Angeles cases commonly involve guns, dirks or daggers, brass knuckles, switchblades, batons, and nunchakus. Possession of these items can result in felony or misdemeanor charges, & can have long-lasting negative consequences related to employment, licensing, as well as immigration.

If you are facing weapons charges in Los Angeles County, call Law Offices of George Kita to discuss options today, at 213-400-5355.

*Case results depend on specific facts circumstances.