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Juvenile Criminal Defense

George Kita is a renowned authority of Los Angeles juvenile defense.

Mr. Kita has handled more than 1000 juvenile cases during his 20+ year career in criminal law, and is co-author of Protecting the Future of Juvenile Clients. His juvenile criminal defense experience includes 1st-Time Offenders, as well as serious felony and misdemeanor representation. The stakes are extremely high in this area of law, and you deserve the most effective representation for your child.

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One of the most stressful events for a parent is to find out that your child is in trouble with the law. Some youthful indiscretions may be handled through a more informal “community” process. Many violations are steered into the formal juvenile justice system, where possible long-term repercussions exist, such as probation, community service, and custody. In fact, juvenile cases are often handled more seriously than similar cases involving youthful offenders 18 years of age or older.

So, what do you do when your child has been arrested in Los Angeles County? Your first objective is to avoid potential future missteps and protect your child’s rights at the earliest possible stage of the process. You need immediate representation.

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How do Juvenile & Adult Cases Differ?

In many respects, a juvenile arrest in LA County is handled similarly to adult cases; police investigate violations of law, and arrest those they believe to be responsible. Once the investigation is completed, the police reports are provided to the LA County District Attorney’s Office.

Cases are assigned to a filing DA, who makes the decision of how the case should move forward. This can be an ideal opportunity for your child’s attorney to communicate with the filing DA, and make requests for less-formal alternatives, such as the JOIN Program (a pre-court diversion).

In the event your child’s case is filed in court, it will likely be adjudicated by a judge, rather than a jury which is generally only available in adult cases.

At juvenile court there are unique options which should be carefully explored, such as Informal or Pre-Plea Diversion, which may allow your child to move forward without a negative record.

While every juvenile case is different, and it is important to carefully evaluate all reasonable solutions with your child’s attorney, to determine the best options.

Mr. Kita is an expert commentator at Los Angeles area criminal justice events, and has done speaking engagements at: Los Angeles Superior Courts, Los Angeles County Probation Department, SEIU 721, and Alliance for Children's Rights.

Learn more about the process of your child’s case, and speak to Attorney George Kita, at 213-400-5355!

*Results will depend on facts and law of the specific juvenile case.