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Los Angeles Hit and Run Attorney

It happens every day in Los Angeles County. Good people are involved in traffic collisions. Panic or confusion sets in. They continue to drive after the accident, and leave the scene. After regaining their composure, they want to make things right.

So, what do you do after a hit and run?

Answer: Seek immediate help from an attorney who focuses on hit & run cases.

Los Angeles Hit and Run Attorney

Gregory Caplan has handled 100+ Hit and Run Cases, as a prosecutor and hit & run attorney. He vigorously provides client representation, which is extremely important in light of recent trends.

While results always depend on the specific details of each case, Mr. Caplan’s systematic approach is designed to determine the most effective strategies for each client.

Call Mr. Caplan, now, at 213-400-5355, for help!

Hit and Run Strategies

Mr. Caplan explains the importance of prompt legal representation in this video at: Hit & Run Attorney.

You can also learn about recent trends towards enhanced penalties, at: Hit and Run cases and Proposed Changes to Hit and Run Law (which would not require any actual injury for a criminal charge to be filed).

Gregory Caplan discusses the dangers of representing yourself in this article at: Los Angeles Hit and Run Attorney.

Read examples about Gregory Caplan’s extraordinary efforts in some recent case results, below:

• Dismissal & Civil Compromise of Hit & Run in LA Superior Court.

• The City Prosecutor's Office was planning on filing misdemeanor Hit and Run charges on client. Mr. Caplan convinced the prosecutor to resolve the case for "zero-point" infraction charges, instead.

• Client was accused of a Hit and Run in Granada Hills. Mr. Caplan intervened with LAPD Traffic Division on behalf of client- no charges were filed.

• Mr. Caplan's client was accused of Hit and Run charges in Burbank. Mr. Caplan convinced judge and city prosecutor to dismiss misdemeanor charges and resolve case with a no-point infraction.

• A Client was accused of a Burbank Hit and Run. Mr. Caplan convinced prosecutor to proceed with City Attorney Diversion, which allowed for an infraction resolution and dismissal of the misdemeanor charges.

• Client was accused of Hit and Run in Los Angeles. Mr. Caplan convinced L.A. City Attorney’s Office to send case to APPS Diversion Program rather than file the case.

• Mr. Caplan represented a Client in City Attorney Office Hearing where the client was accused of hit and run. Mr. Caplan convinced the City Attorney Hearing Officer to close out case without charges.

• Client was accused of Hit and Run in Los Angeles. Mr. Caplan intervened on behalf of client, and no charges were filed.

In some early interventions, Mr. Caplan has worked out resolutions where the investigating law enforcement agency declined filing criminal charges against his clients. This possibility is not available if you wait until a case is filed in court.

If a case is already filed, Mr. Caplan vigorously pursues other possible options including, Diversion, Civil Compromise, and/or Dismissal.

If you have been involved in a hit and run incident, contact Los Angeles Hit and Run Attorney Gregory Caplan, now, at 213-400-5355, to see how he can help you!

Los Angeles Hit and Run Violations

Hit and Run charges are typically requested when a driver fails to exchange appropriate information after being involved in a traffic incident. Importantly, charges may be filed even if your vehicle does not actually make contact with another person or vehicle.

You can be charged with Hit and Run if you were “involved” in the incident, i.e., if your actions resulted in property damage or injury to another.

In California, if you are involved in a car accident (even if it wasn’t your fault) you are obligated to stop and exchange information with all parties involved, or be subject to criminal charges.

Vehicle Code section 20001- Hit and Run resulting in injury to a person, can be pursued as a felony or misdemeanor, depending on the injuries, driver history, and surrounding circumstances.

Vehicle Code section 20002 - Property damage Hit and Run, can only be charged as a misdemeanor.

Penalties for Hit and Run include jail, fines, restitution, and probation, as well as suspension of Driving Privileges. A conviction of a hit and run results in a two-point violation on your DMV record, which has the same point-count as other serious traffic convictions, including DUI.

If you have been involved in a hit and run incident, call to determine your legal options, immediately, at 213-400-5355.